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Candy Raisins®


per lb

This classic chewy Ju Ju candy that has the wrinkled top of a real raisin, but not the flavor. Candy raisins are a nostalgic candy originally found only in Wisconsin, with a flavor that is as unique as the candy lover themselves!  Floral notes, honey, ginger, and perfume have all been suggested...see what flavor you come up with!

Candy raisins are made out of the United States at this time.  They are distributed by Lake Country Candies in Delafield, WI... who owns the original Stark Candy/NECCO recipe...which is the original recipe that is used still today.  Half Nuts does NOT manufacture candy raisins.

The texture, size and color may vary from your own experience.  If you'd like them softer you can warm them a a jar in the sun...or a quick burst in the microwave...and they will be as soft as you make them...while maintaining the original taste.

We ship in both pre-packaged manufacturer bags, and our own bulk bags.  If you have a preference, please indicate it in the Note section at checkout.

We will be shipping up to four pounds via USPS for a flat rate of $8.15.  Our website cannot configure flat rate fees, so know that you will have shipping money refunded to you.  More than four pounds may also qualify for a shipping refund, to varying degrees.  If you'd like a precise quote, call us at 414-476-6887.



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